Fiction Word Counts Updated

This will probably only be of interest to other writers. I left out a category in the previous post that’s warranted along with an amendment to the starting length for a novel. I’m happy with this breakdown.

Short Story: 1,000 – 15,000
Novella: 15,000 – 35,000
Novel: 35,000 – 100,000
Epic: 100,000+

This makes Donald Trump: Plague Doctor my shortest book and The Sexorcism of Amber Holloway my longest one to date despite the page lengths seemingly saying otherwise. I have used different fonts and formatting options for different books so trust that the breakdown in my bibliography is accurate.

Novellas were called “short novels” in the old pulp days which is why the lower word count to qualify is appropriate. From a storytelling perspective, I have never understood why most mass market paperback thrillers seem to be a bloated 400 pages.

Dean Wesley Smith has a great blog post about how and why novel lengths have been artificially increased for decades now.

As you were.

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